Transhumance of Salt Paths

Fall 2019

The Miranda Foundation organizes the transhumance of 45 horses along the Camins de Sal to the new pasture area of ​​Coll de Nargó

From October 30 to November 3, the Miranda Foundation accompanies a herd of recovered horses in Transhumance, with the professional guidance of Cavalls Guiabosc Baridà and expert volunteers. We will go from Pla de l'Orri ( PEIN Serra de Catllaràs, Alt Berguedà), headquarters of the Foundation since 2008, to the municipality of Coll de Nargó (Alt Urgell), territory of dinosaurs, imposing and grandiose, following the Ways

de Sal - Camí dels Bonshomes, Trementinaries and smugglers - in a journey divided into 5 stages.

The 45 horses, 35 from FM and 10 from Guiabosc Baridà Horses, accompanied by 9 volunteers , will cross between Cadí and Pedraforca for

reaching new territories, going through administrative and bureaucratic difficulties and recovering an ancestral practice, a way of life

which is being lost, as the abandonment of the rural world worsens. Horses show us a fragmented territory, a society dependent and disconnected from the territory.

This fall’s transhumance will not be open to participants as on other occasions, but will be done with a team of expert volunteers. We hope to open to the public this Transhumance and other movements with horses starting next spring!

Calendar and route of the Autumn Transhumance 2019

From October 30 to November 3 and 5 stages

1st Stage - Wednesday 30 October: From Pla de l'Orri to Vents del Cadí (Gisclareny)

2nd Stage- Thursday 31 October: From Vents del Cadí (Gisclareny) to Josa de Cadí.

3rd Stage- Friday 1 November: From Josa de Cadí to Ossera.

4th Stage- Saturday 2 November: From Ossera to Fígols.

5th Stage- Sunday 3 November: From Fígols to Coll de Nargó.

Celebration of the Feast of Transhumance - Sunday 3 November

On Sunday 3 November, from approximately 11.30 am, after 5 days in motion from the Pla de l'Orri, and with

On the occasion of the arrival of the horses in Coll de Nargó, we will celebrate the first edition of the Festa de la Transhumància in collaboration with the City Council, offering a popular vermouth enlivened with folk music from the Pyrenees.

Participation in the party is free, but confirmation of attendance is requested at to forecast the space!

We would like to thank the support of the Town Councils and municipalities of Sant Julià de Cerdanyola, Guardiola del Berguedà, Bagà, Vents del Cadí

(Gisclareny), Josa de Cadí, Tuixent, Molí de Fornols, Sant Pere, Ossera, Fígols, Alinyà and Coll de Nargó. Also thank the

Consell Comarcal del Berguedà i l’Alt Urgell, to Turisme de Berguedà i Alt Urgell, to the DARP, rural agents and farmers, and in general to

all the institutions and people that make this journey possible.

The time has come to look to the future of the Foundation, in a new model formed by a network of pasture spaces that connect the

territory, people and horses. This new axis of connectivity of the territory is structured through pasture spaces, the original

in Pla de l'Orri, the one in Parc del Garraf, the RNC in Boumort and now, the new headquarters in Coll de Nargó.