If all the animals disappear, men would also die in the loneliness of their spirit.

What happens to animals sooner or later will also happen to men.

All things are closely linked..

Message from the Indian Grand Master Seattle, from the Dadamish tribe, to US President Franklin Pierce).

The Miranda Foundation has turned into a place of positive and healing resources for people and for the horses that were a problem for the society because of their abandonment. With the natural spaces that we facilitate them and after a process of return to their essence and healing, horses become models of fullness and resilience for people.


We propose educational and training activities to accompany people in their life processes. We support, with free horses, people with diversity and with specific social and personal needs, from a systemic, experimental and creative approach.


We work with:

  • People with functional diversity.

  • Refugees

  • People in internal regime (3rd grade and penitentiary system).

  • Minor centres.

  • Children in shelters.

  • People with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorders).

  • Victims of person trafficking.

  • Victims of violence and abuses.

This year we underline our work with refugees thanks to a collaboration agreement signed with the APIP ACAM Foundation, to increase this work area, since the proximity of Garraf to a metropolitan area affects the demand for activities with people at risk of social exclusion.

We are open to explore how the relation of other people and free horses is. We accompany these experiences with our presence but without interfering with what is giving. To do this accompaniment, we have the experts who come with the groups and give us much information and with the people of our team, qualified by the Foundation itself for this type of dealing with horses in freedom.

We provide spaces and contexts of great natural quality, horses live in fullness and can be good drivers of vital and healing energy, which generate deeper movements beyond judgments and diagnoses, which are a simple starting point to transcend.