Sèlvans - Living landscapes

We have the commitment to protect the territory we occupy and protect the threatened forest and fauna.

We prioritize the conservation and improvement of forests, the recovery of roads and ancestral agricultural and livestock structures.

We have custody agreements signed with the property of the Pla de l'Orri (Serra de Catllaràs), and the transfer of this space.

We have the purpose and we are committed to the improvement and conservation of the spaces that horses graze, trying to favour the properties.


Agreement for the conservation of the western capercaillie and the common beech forest with Paisatges visuals Catllaràs. Monitoring, census and study of the western capercaillie and improvement of their habitats.

Agreement for the conservation of the mature forest with the Associació Sèlvans. Support to the medical study of the benefits of mature forests in people's health.

Commitment to conservation of the Bonelli's eagle and Mediterranean tortoise in Garraf.