Accompaniment of mourning processes

Horses and spiritual accompaniment


Spirituality is one of the four dimensions of the person (physical, social, emotional and spiritual) according to the SECPAL (Spanish Society of Palliative Care). It is an innate dimension in human actions that allows us accompany ourselves and also accompany sick people.


When we send ourselves to our spiritual dimension, our presence is transformed into a space of silence, peacefulness and love. A space of exploitation that brings a new distribution to our essence, the best of ourselves.

The horses are this presence, their love energy and their magnetic field is radiated only being close to them, it also accompanies sick horses or to those that are nearly dying. They also make their mourning processes.


In these proposals related to mourning and loss, we can feel, resting at their side, the magnetic field and the love of horses, and we can know few real cases of accompaniment between them. In this way, the presence of horses will develop ours, this interior space, where, sometimes, it is difficult to get in. From this presence we can know and experience with two tools of the spiritual accompaniment of sick people: the quietness and the loveful and tender contact.

We will know real and inspiring cases of spiritual accompaniment to sick people and also some tools to take care of ourselves when we do this accompaniment and also they will help us to recognize the signs when we are too close to feel exhaustion through compassion.

It is a hard work, but also delicate and, above anything else, full of love.

The horses and sick people


When we have a serious illness it is very difficult to keep a personal balance and often we can feel that our life is an emotional roller coaster. We can lose the hope, the joy and even feel sadness goes deeply. At these moments, when there are few places where to grip yourself in front of the illness’s depths, it is necessary to find an internal space to use it as a rock where to lean on, to face what will come.