Prewalski project

Fundació Miranda - Boumort

The horses of Przewalski

They are the oldest existing horse variety nowadays and are considered a worldwide endangered specy by the Red List of Threatened Species of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).


It is estimated that about 2,000 copies survive, divided between captive breeding centres and a few places where they live in wild or semi-livestock. Horses with their characteristics were painted by our ancestors of the Palaeolithic in caves such as Lascaux (France).

In June 2017 we rescued four Przewalski horses from the zoo closed in Almuñecar, Granada. The FAADA Foundation, through Laura Riera, who is in charge of relocating all the animals in the zoo, made the request to the Miranda Foundation and facilitated the procedures for the relocation of the horses.


For an agreement signed by the Foundation with the National Reserve of Boumort (Generalitat de Catalunya), these primitive and almost extinct horses live in a supervised freedom in 3,000 hectares of the Reserve, where we have an incipient project (Catalonia wild horses) of reproduction, reintroduction, observation and dissemination.

This project is in the initial phase of design and development. Currently, it focuses on caring for the well-being of horses, and in the future, reproduction is predicted and it is conquering part of the vast territory of the Reserve (13.000 hectares). 


The space and its extension gives the project a singularity that can turn it unique in Europe and consistent with the purpose of the Miranda Foundation to promote horses living in freedom and the custody of the territory with the introduction of this great herbivore.

The project also plans to carry out studies on the behaviour of horses and their effect on the vegetation of the Reserve, it will have the support of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Lleida, and the Forest Technology Centre of Catalonia. Likewise, it is contemplated its tourist and educational valuation, through guided tours that are currently being designed, within the framework of the revitalization project of the RNC of Boumort, approved by the Advisory Board of the Reserve.

The promoters of the initiative thank the collaboration of all the people and entities that have made this transfer possible: entities, veterinary professionals, personnel from the zoo of Almuñecar, transport operator and guardians of the reserve, as well as the Town Hall of 'Almuñecar and the Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera that contacted the Miranda Foundation with the management direction of Boumort.