Parc del Garraf

Research group

This Research Group arises from a shared initiative between Parc del Garraf and the Miranda Foundation, in order to extract the maximum knowledge and data from the stay of the herds in the Park. The study has been done and it continues to be done on the group of 7 ponies Pottoka and the two herds of 31 horses that spent the winter of 2018 and 2019 in the Park.

Objects of study:

  • Impact and transformation of the pasture with the introduction of horses.

  • Impact on flora. Decrease of the fuel cell mass, and especially the reed grass, a specie that has colonized the entire Mediterranean steppe of Garraf.

  • Volume of water from the sources and water consumption of horses.

  • Census of ancient livestock and path structures.

  • Register, through GPS, of movements of the different herds of the Foundation and linking these displacements and areas most frequented to diverse factors (behaviour of the horse).

Pottoka project