Free horses, fire prevention and connectivity of the territory


Free horses

​​We are the first to reconnect horses with nature

Miranda Foundation was born in 2008 with the will to rescue and recover horses that have lived difficult situations of abuse, isolation or abandonment, and offer them a decent life. We are pioneers in reconnecting the horse with nature. We facilitate their life in herds and in freedom in large natural spaces. We accompany them in the process of becoming free, healthy and safe animals again, of recovering their balance and physical, emotional and mental health, in contact with the group of horses and with the natural environment.  They receive our support and careful look, and when necessary, a forage supplement and veterinary care to ensure the quality of the process. At present, 60 equids (57 horses and ponies and 3 donkeys) live with us.

The horse is gregarious and claustrophobic, it needs space and group. The horse is herbivorous, not granivorous, and it must be able to graze at least 16 hours a day. It is a night animal.  The horse is movement by definition; it needs to move around to eat and eating to move. Nature has designed it with perfect hooves and does not need horseshoes. In conditions of freedom a horse can travel 40 km per day. We consider mistreatment any handling that does not meet these basic needs and we promote a new paradigm of animal welfare.

A new model of animal wellbeing

Working to change the look, we propose a model for the rescue and recovery of horses, based on their ethology and not on their humanization. Preserving the space and the group of animals that are rescued or that we want to recover is essential to guarantee a well-being model that listens to their needs and which avoids a paternalistic and controller model, which is already obsolete and not sustainable.

Relying on the capacity of the other is the basis for a living being to awaken its resilience. Horses in freedom show us every day their wisdom and their abilities for non-dependence. An inspiration for people and for us, a whole job of letting them go but with listening and respect, while continuing to monitor them and control a process that may require our intervention in some moments.



From the dedication to knowledge, understanding and respect for the horses, people and nature, different projects and collaborations have been born, always related to horses: Educational and scientific projects, social tasks and different healing experiences that we continue to expand and investigate

At the same time, we realize that one of the main contributions of the Foundation must also be to make horses known, not only to prevent them from living unworthy lives, but also to explain that without the presence of the great herbivores in our territory, this will always be a sick territory. Horses that transform the landscape guard the territory and prevent fires.

The horses of the Miranda Foundation are a great mirror for the people, for that reason they have become a magnificent team of health professionals and an inspiration that makes us more present and that invites us to embark on a path of conscience and self-knowledge.

Sharing life with horses makes us better.

We are accompanied on our trip by our patronages, our support network of partners and sponsors, many volunteers and various public and private institutions without which we could not carry out our purpose.