Itinerant educational activity

The horses go to the School. Take out your inner horse.

An activity that seeks to disseminate knowledge and respect for horses, people and land, paying attention and awareness in values, emotional education and reconnecting with nature through horses.


The program for schools consists of two sessions:

First session

A professional from the Miranda Foundation moves to school, presents the project and explains how horses live in their natural environment (horse ethology: how they communicate, how they organize themselves in herds, what they need, what they like and what not, etc.). The explanation is adapted to age, and connects the presence of horses with the improvement of the territory (forest cleaning, fire prevention, biodiversity) and the welfare of people (values, emotional education, social work). It also explains how and why of transhumance, livestock paths and historical memory. It's about connecting and explaining the connection of horses, people and nature.

Second session

Students take a morning or afternoon trip to the area where the horses graze. It is about observing and getting in touch with the herds in freedom.

We work in the presence, full attention, and personal space, the connection with one and with the group of children or young people and with the horses.


Before going to find the horses, we make games of attention, awareness and respect for our own and other people's personal space.

Rules about how to approach horses are given, an introduction to equine ethology and we use what is emerging among horses to connect it to what happens to people on a systemic, emotional and relational scale.


The activity is guided by professionals from the Foundation (one or more people depending on the number of participants).