Transhumance school

Preparation to participate in the project and the experience of transhumance

Transhumance is a very intense experience that requires preparation, and a great management of the group of horses and people. That is why we have created the Transhumance School. Going through the basic training of two days we propose during the year, is an indispensable requirement to be able to participate in our transhumance.

Based on our experience, we transmit and share guidelines and experiences on these issues:

  • Aim of Transhumance.

  • Motivation and values of the Foundation.

  • Dynamics and cohesion of the group (people).

  • Work of full attention and presence (ATB ©). Breathe with what is there (Fitzmaurice Voicework ©).

  • Body work, emotion, and breathing. How to manage nervous activation at moments of intensity (yoga, meditation, Somatic Experiencing ©).

  • Horse welfare.

  • Basis and reasons of communication with horses.

  • Training conscious riding and outdoor riding with Guiabosc Baridà Horses.

  • Learn how to move a group of horses.

  • How to interpret maps, gps and directions for the route. Organization of equines on foot and in assistance car: supply, production, preparation of fencing and water for horses, anticipation and cross-border security, roads, coordination with the police and local police traffic stop and safety of the passage of the horses.

Well-being of horses during Transhumance.

Transhumance can be mounted and on horseback. And we need profiles for different types.

Why mounting? When the horses pass twice on a path or in a direction, they already know where they are going  and the rhythm of the herds is often not accessible to people. From the ground, we can lose the horses. They will do it alone, but we can not allow them alone crossing  roads, that interfere the transhumance paths. The only way not to lose them is going with them, and this is only possible to do by mounting.

For horses, it may be more annoying to have a person on its side with a rope to force them walking at their own pace that having a person on their back, who will mount without interfering with their movement, and with respect and knowledge of biomechanics and the soul of the horse.

The horses of the Foundation will not be mounted, except in specific cases (horses prepared and that accept well being mounted) and only during the transhumance. The guided back riding is carried out by the professional horses of Guiabosc Baridà Cavalls.

We work with a conscious mount, without irons (bitless and barefoot) and we use lightweight, specialized and ergonomic saddles.

The horses are organized in herds and in groups that we have in consideration at the moment of deciding the order of horses for transhumance. We work with nature and not against it, listening, encouraging and taking advantage of the dynamics that the horses offer us.