A day among free horses

Come and discover the horses in their natural surroundings and spend a day among free horses.

From May to November, in the summer pastures in the Pla de l'Orri, the Catalan Switzerland,

headquarters of the Foundation in Alt Berguedà.

From December to the end of April, in winter pastures, at the Parc del Garraf.

In summer, too, enjoy the twilight among free horses in the Parc del Garraf.

The activity consists of a presentation of the Foundation and the task of recovering horses, social, cultural and environmental work we carry out, and on a guided visit to find horses in pastures, with ethological explanation (behaviour and the life of the horse in its natural context) where you can learn about free horses, and where we present what a real horse is (what it likes and what it does not, what it needs and what does not, social relationships, friendship ties, systemic order , how they are organized and how they communicate).

We will learn and observe some signs of their body language and signs of calm while benefiting from the therapeutic effect of their electromagnetic field, which invites us to be present, with an open and gentle attention.

We will enjoy the interaction with these animals while respecting their essence, enjoying the ties that can arise between horses and humans.


During the summer months, at Pla de l'Orri, in the afternoon, free space for people and horses interaction, enjoy the Foundation's dogs, nap under a tree or in our chill out area inside, and time to lose yourself and explore the paths and corners of the farm, picking up mushrooms or getting lost in the forest.

In winter we do the activity in the morning, starting soon, and if we share lunch time, we extend the table with questions and comments about what we have lived with the horses.

Who can come?

The activity is opened to participants who are not partners.

Free Activity for Trustees and Sponsors of the Foundation. Each partner can bring up to 3 companions at no cost.


In summer, the food that we prepare in the Kitchen class of the rural surrounding of L’Orri is ecological and Slow Food Km0.


We propose lunch together, a picnic between horses, tasting of local products or our dish of the day, in a privileged natural environment. Bar service and interior space, cosy and with fantastic views. You'll also find beverages, coffees, teas, and other supplements at your meal.


In winter at Garraf we propose restaurants and establishments that promote the local and organic product km0 and vegetarian option.

In both places and throughout the year, you have the option to take your picnic home and enjoy it in the pastures.


In summer, there is the option to stay to sleep at the Glamping of the Foundation.

You will sleep in a Tipi in the middle of the mountain.

If there is bad weather we will sleep all inside, in the lounge.

We also provide you with accommodation contacts in the area.

Solidarity activity

Focusing on this activity you are collaborating to support the project and our work.