Sunday, November 3, 2019- Transhumance Festival

From 11.30 am arrival at Coll de Nargó - Popular Vermouth and Folk Festival of the Pyrenees

On Sunday 3 November, after 5 days in transhumance from Pla de l'Orri (Berguedà) and on the occasion of the arrival of the horses in Coll de Nargó (Alt Urgell), we will celebrate the first edition of Festa de la Transhumància with a popular vermouth, enlivened by folk music from the Pyrenees.

Coll de Nargó, between the swamp and the mountains, with imposing rock formations, and impressive remains of dinosaurs, witnesses of a time when in Europe there were wild horses, is home to the new grazing space of the Miranda Foundation. Therefore, the arrival of the horses will be a special and very important day for the Foundation and we would like to share it with all those who wish.

On Sunday 3 November, the herds are expected to arrive in Coll de Nargó at around 11.30 am, coming from Fígols , where we will have stopped during the night. It will be a short stage that passes by the Pont d'Espia, crossing the Pantà d'Oliana, and that makes some km of road with the support of the Mossos d'Esquadra, to enter Nargó by the streets that cross the town, reason why it was the layout of the old cattle road. It should be emphasized that horses are not punctual. They set the pace and we accompany them.

The forecast is to arrive at this time, and share the entrance and the presence of the horses, then enjoy a popular vermouth and a taste of folk music from the Pyrenees. If you want, you can take something for lunch in the countryside where the horses are expected to rest or have lunch at a restaurant in the village.

We are very happy to organize the first edition of the Festival with the City of Coll de Nargó. An event that we want to gain strength and that in future editions will attract people from all over Catalonia, to share the presence of free horses, movement, memory, culture, the health of forests and the connectivity of the territory.

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* Important: Participation in the party is free, but confirmation of attendance is requested to forecast groceries and space!