A day between free horses in the Garraf

Nature and Culture in Sències, Can Girona

Visit to the Foundation's horses with a special cultural and gastronomic event


Parc del Garraf, in Olivella

When? What will we do?

The meeting is on April 21. Arrival at 10.30 am at La Sala, information center of the Parc del Garraf in Olivella.

Presentation of the Project, visit of the horses of the Miranda Foundation to the Parc del Garraf.

Walk to find the herds and ethological visit.

Lunch-tasting of eco and KM0 product in Sències, Can Girona (Sitges).

Presentation of the Camí Ramader de Marina, the Transhumance of the Fundació Miranda and the recovery of paths and structures of traditional architecture in the Garraf (Associació Garraf Coopera).

Who can come?

Free Activity for Members and Sponsors of the Foundation (supplement for lunch adults € 15, children € 10), or you can bring your own picnic from home. Each member can bring up to 3 companions at no cost!

Cost for non-members € 35 (children up to 10 years € 22, children under 3 free).

We prepare lunch for you (adult supplement € 15, children € 10), or you can bring your own picnic from home.


Tasting of eco and Km0 product not included (estimated cost between 10 and 15 €).

Solidarity activity

By signing up for this activity you are collaborating to support the project and our work.