School of Transhumance

Transhumance, a way to learn to be human between horses

Transhumance is the way to reach a specific destination where, in this case, horses will find better pastures to feed on. It is a path full of adventures, many hours in nature, between free horses, knowing the herds, with magical and intense moments where we will all be asked, horses and people, effort, perseverance, serenity, union and full attention. Days where we will learn about horses but also about who we are and about the qualities we have, and what we can bring to the whole.

A path to learning to be more human between horses. Transhumance requires dedication, presence and trust, as well as basic knowledge and training.

Based on the experience and the path taken, the Miranda Foundation has created the School of Transhumance to put this seed, to spread this knowledge, and so that whoever wants to participate in this path, is ready to enjoy and be useful, to provide what the horses need, the group of people and take care of oneself. We put the resources so that this path of Marina is rich, safe and fluid for the horses, the people and the earth.

School of Transhumance

To be able to take part in the transhumance of the Miranda Foundation, it is essential to take these preparation days where knowledge is shared and experience is facilitated in order to face the challenge of accompanying horses on their way from the Pyrenees to the sea safely and fully. , and from the sea to the Pyrenees.

Participation in transhumance is voluntary. To live this intense and transformative experience, each participant must bear the cost of their accommodation, transport, food and insurance costs, and must be a member of the Foundation or become a member for 15 months. If you are already a member, you can also make a separate donation, which will help support the free movement and life of horses.

This Transhumance can be done on horseback or on foot. To do it on horseback you need to be able to ride in all three airs without a problem.


The School of Transhumance proposes two conferences that touch on key issues related to this experience:

  • DATES: 6 and 7 April or 11 and 12 May 2019

  • PARTICIPANTS: people who want to participate in the transhumance of the Foundation, on horseback or on foot, or who simply want to expand their knowledge about the horse and this ancestral practice.

Program 1st day · Saturday

  • 09:00 h - Arrival.

  • 09:30 h - Welcome and presentations.

  • 11:00 am - Coffee and tea break.

  • 11:30 am - Presentation of the MIranda Foundation and purpose of transhumance. Introduction to the ethology of the horse. Horse welfare during transhumance.

  • 13:00 h - Travel to the space of the horses and lunch in the mountains. You need to take a picnic.

  • 16:00 h - Transhumant historical memory (binomial culture and nature), recovery and journey of the transhumance of Marina.

  • 5:00 pm - Practical instructions for the trip, operation and equipment, things that can happen, experiences and questions.

  • 18:00 - Horsemen: look for and move group of horses / Walkers-provisioning (collect lunch and prepare space with food for the horses that arrive).

Closing of the day.

Program 2nd day · Sunday


  • 09:30 h - Find a group of horses. Preparation for free and conscious riding. Material, preparation on the ground and mounted. Route mounted with Cavalls Guiabosc Baridà to check the horses of the Foundation.

  • 1:30 pm - Meeting for lunch. Lunches must be unique pines c.

  • 3 pm - Return on horseback to the starting point.

  • 5.30 pm - Maintenance and order of the material and the rider (listening to the body).


  • 09:30 h - Meeting in the Parc del Garraf to look for the herds of the Foundation. Breakfast break.

  • 11:00 h - Group dynamics with a game of attention and personal space. Ethology, observation and communication with horses. Movement with horses (guiding practices, moving on foot on the ground with the horse, where to position, subtle game of pressures and limits).

  • 13:00 h - Provisioning and preparation of the space for horses and people for lunch.

  • 1:30 pm - Meeting for lunch. Reception of horses and horsemen. Lunches must be unique pines c.

  • 15:00 h - Provisioning and collection of the space.

  • 3.30 pm - Practice accompanying one of the herds on foot (guiding from one point to another in the Park).

  • 5:30 pm - Maintenance and order of the material and the walker (listening to the body).

  • 19:00 h - Final snack with all participants, reflections and questions.

The schedules and the plan of the activity is conditioned to the well-being and the life in freedom of the horses.


Walkers: € 125

Horse riders: € 225

Limited places