Systemic Constellations with Horses in Freedom

Enjoy nature and be healthy
Live this experience, in nature and among free horses

When horses act as representatives in a family constellation they respond similarly to people but with far fewer influences and filters.

Horse-assisted systemic constellations allow us to look more broadly at our conflicts and problems, and thus be able to make changes in a more inclusive and loving way for all parties involved.

What will we do?

We will start with the presentation of the Miranda Foundation. Then we will explain what the constellations are and what they can bring us, and the difference between constellations with horses or people and, finally, we will take a walk in search of the Foundation's horses.

We will make the number of constellations that the horses allow us, as, because they are free, they can decide. They will be the ones to give the time guidelines, which we will scrupulously respect.

If the horses decide to leave, we can combine constellations with people as representatives.

We will combine constellations and explanations about the Foundation’s horses, touching on topics such as the behavior and life of horses in their natural context. We will learn and observe some signs of their body language.


Anna Álvarez Crispi - Transactional systemic coach, horse-assisted trainer, nurse and kinesiologist. Lecturer in the Postgraduate course in emotional education and well-being at the UB.

Rosa Galindo Solé - Actress and singer, co-founder of Aeolian School of Dramatic Art, co-founder of the Miranda Foundation and Associate Professor of Fitzmaurice Voicework.


€ 110.

If you make the deposit before February 25, € 95.


We will have a picnic in the same park, so everyone brings what they think is best