A life lesson

Beauty, sanity and tenacity are three of the qualities of this wise and beautiful being.

Kash was badly mounted when she was too young, and she arrived at the Foundation in a very poor physical shape. Unable to trot or gallop, she was very scared and stiff, her back muscles blocked, as her growing spine had received too much weight and pressure. After 9 years of life in freedom, she moves freely, and is a central piece in the mare family to which she belongs. Young and very knowledgeable, she has done transhumance, been a mother, crossed mountains and rivers, enjoyed the sea, and woven a bond of unconditional friendship with some members of her herd, such as Cigronet.

In November 2019, however, Kashmir suffered a very serious and infrequent injury due to a resistant bacteria. She spent almost three months fighting for her life at the Bellaterra Vet Hospital, after which she returned home, where she’s slowly recovering. Full of life and wanting to regain her freedom, she still has to endure a long period in a fenced space, far from her own. She may also need a second surgery, which would guarantee a decent and mobile life, but until then she requires a lot of care and attention.

She currently lives with Gaia, the wisest mare in the group, also in need of special care, due to her age. They have both reunited at the foothills of the Cadí, at the Caballs Guiabosc Baridà land, in order to heal body and soul.

Against all odds, Kashmir made it clear from the start that she wanted to stay connected to life. Despite the cures, pain, risks, discomfort and isolation, she has kept on feeding herself without discouragement or surrender, fighting for her life and with the will to go back home. An excellent example for everyone! An experience that has made her from being a young mare to becoming a great master, wise and powerful.