A Life force

It is a model of resilience. At the age of one, she fractured her pelvis: her owners wanted to slaughter her, since she would be left with an asymmetric body after recovery. Thus, she reached Miranda and saved her life. Several vets advised against her having offspring, due to her hip’s condition.

However, Estrella fully recovered and is today one of the central mares in her herd. With her functional diversity, but without any judgments or limitations, it is a model of adaptation, resilience and inclusion, an invitation to set no limits. It represents the ‘lifeforce’, because despite the warnings of the risk of giving birth, her body, wise and connected, has given birth to three foals, a total wonder considering our fertility prevention protocol in herds.

This relentless mare has brought Torp, Tuareg and little Bruc to us, evoking the precious mystery of life.