The brave horse

Indi was going to be slaughtered for being an aggressive horse. When he was four, he was separated from his family and locked in a box so he could start mounting mares. A shy horse would have sunk, while a brave one would rebel. And Indi rebelled. He refused to be subdued and bend his spirit before the despotic human behavior. One day he stood up on two legs to fight for his rights, fell on his back and broke his sacrum. Due to this, he arrived at the Miranda Foundation, where we has never shown any violent manners. Free to decide, he has revealed himself as focused, calm and extremely brave. He has made a great bond with Touran, including Rapun as well. He has ben living in the mountains for 7 years, where courage and high spirit are a requirement and a gift from the Universe. Now he’d like to have a godfather!