Horses and people with diseases

Horses inspire our silent and loving presence, to accompany sick people

What does the workshop consist of?

Spirituality is one of the 4 dimensions of the person (physical, social, emotional and spiritual) according to the SECPAL (Spanish Society of Palliative Care). It is an innate dimension in human beings, which allows us to accompany ourselves when we suffer but also to accompany nearby sick people. When we enter our spiritual dimension, our presence is transformed into a space of silence, stillness and love. A space of depth that brings to the other our essence, the best of ourselves. Horses are this presence, their loving energy and magnetic field radiates us and accompanies other sick horses and horses that are going to die.

In this workshop we will be able to feel while resting next to them, the magnetic field and the love of the horses, and we will be able to know real cases of accompaniments between them. In this way the presence of horses will boost our presence, this inner space so much ours that we sometimes find it difficult to access. And from this presence, we will be able to know and experience two of the tools of spiritual accompaniment to people with illnesses: stillness, and loving and tender contact. We will learn real inspiring cases of spiritual accompaniment to people with illness, as well as tools to take care of ourselves and identify symptoms when we are close to compassion exhaustion.

The workshop will begin with the presentation of the Miranda Foundation and an explanation of the nature of horses in the wild, with the constant support of a professional from the Foundation throughout the workshop and the visit to the horses.

Who is it aimed at?

People who accompany sick people: Family, friends, health professionals, volunteers, therapists. The spiritual dimension does not know the social roles, in these dimensions all people are essence. You are all welcome!


Sara Pons

Head of the Spiritual Care Service (lay) of the Hospital de Mollet and Sociosanitary Center of Mollet. Teacher and trainer in emotional and spiritual support at Universities, Hospitals, Associations and Foundations. Training received, among others: Master's Degree in Comprehensive Palliative Care for People with Advanced Diseases, UAB and Hospital de Sant Pau. Module in MSc Palliative Care: Advanced Psychosocial and Spiritual Care. King's College London University.

Rosa Galindo Solé

Actress and singer, Co-founder of Aeolian School of Dramatic Art, Co-founder of the Miranda Foundation and Associate Professor of Fitzmaurice Voicework.


€ 50

How do I sign up?

Send an email to with your name, surname, telephone number and proof of payment