Life camps in Garraf

A friendly experience to have fun and grow

From August 31 to September 7

For children and young people from 6 to 14 years

We will live in La Fassina, with herds of free horses grazing in the Garraf Natural Park.


A quality time sharing with daily practice of connection with one's own essence, yoga, excursions, attention games, creative movement, theater, free time and conversations of discovery and recognition. And quality, organic and healthy food.


The reference adults accompany the group emphasizing individual, group and environmental responsibility.

More information and prices

Reduced groups

  • Maximum 17 participants.

  • 4 adults responsible.



  • € 500 / week.

  • You can reserve a place for one or two weeks.

  • 110% discount for siblings.

  • We have kept the same price for 5 years.


Food 100% ecological 

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Participating in our activities you help to make possible the social work of the Foundation