Summer school and Life camps

A space to grow

Summer school in Garraf


A summer school for the new times! Live and organic summer school.

We start from an ambitious project where we give children and adolescents a central place in their own lives and at school. A place where they can experience the different social facets and a place where they can interact freely with a large number of stimuli.


We try to motivate curiosity and make it easier for children and adolescents to grow and develop to their full potential.

As a sign of identity, our organizational model of the 7 areas stands out, based on an organic and social organizational model, cooperative and project work, workshops and the active participation of children and adolescents in daily decisions.


These days children and adolescents are experiencing and becoming aware of their transformative power to improve themselves and their community.

In this way, the summer school becomes a simulator of individual and social life: a laboratory, a place of experimentation with life in its different facets.


We promote a comprehensive education based on the understanding and knowledge of oneself and others, and which takes into account the different dimensions of intelligence (multiple intelligences theory).


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Life Camps


Life Camps with Bhagavan and Miranda Foundation is a new camp concept , a place without competitions where you can research, discover and share with others the joy of living through Horses, yoga, music, theater, and art, in the middle of an unbeatable natural environment.


The proposal is aimed at children and adolescents aged 6 to 17 with a desire to enjoy in a healthy and fun way and

the theme of the camps will be: our body, our mind and our heart, yoga, play and nature: A path to grow and reach our full potential.

A child who discovers how to manage and overcome his physical and emotional limits, becomes a noble, calm and creative adult, who knows how to strive with the vision of the one who gradually walks where he wants, with confidence.


The camp offers, in collaboration with Vegetalia and Granel, an always varied and healthy ecological cuisine that ensures the optimal nutrition of the children.


The people in charge of the camp, with long experience in Camps to Grow, are specialists in yoga for children and adolescents, artistic and pedagogical, in the line of Alive education.



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