Anaiet is a 7 year old mare that arrived at the Foundation a few months ago. She was about to be returned to the ADE Protector, but finally we were able to accept her with her mother Ena and her great friend Rapun.

They came walking from Vilafranca del Penedés to Pla de l'Orri. A mini transhumance, which was a tasting of the two long ones that they can do now every year with all the other horses of the Foundation.

In the photo you will see she is swollen, as a result of her poor nutrition based on feed and straw. The horses are not birds, they do not eat grain or feed. They are herbivores and eat grass and a lot of plants of different classes.

Here you can see Ainet just arrived to el Pla de l'Orri, looking at his mother Ena, as she was becoming close friend of Camut.

Anaiet has been mother of Sioux.